"D1:G1" 2000mg 30mL Small/Travel Tincture

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TRi-Brand "D1:G1" 2000mg 30mL Tincture

Our travel-sized MCT Tincture formulated with our "D1:G1" 1:1 (CBD:CBG) cannabinoid mixture

66mg of 1:1 (CBD:CBG) per 1mL dropper 

Don't like taking capsules or pills?

Experience the combined effects of the two most exciting non-inebriating cannabinoids, together in one easy to use tincture.

Can also be used topically. 

Dog-friendly (Dogs are thought to have roughly 4x the number of cannabinoid receptors, so start with 1/4 of the recommended dose and slowly increase over a few weeks).


Recommended Use:

1-2 droppers, once or twice per day, or as needed

Contains: Absolutely NO THC

As with all cannabinoid products, Store in a cool dry place away from direct light.


Ingredients: MCT oil from coconut, 1000mg >99% pure CBD (cannabidiol)*, 1000mg >99% pure CBG (cannabigerol)*

*These ingredients have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.