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Pure Cannabinoids

NEW Lower Prices on all isolates!

  The same high quality re-crystallized, ultra-pure hemp-derived CBD, CBG, and now CBN, used in our TRi-Brand HDC® products can now be infused into your own homemade creations or simply taken neat.

  Whether you're making topicals, tinctures, capsules, or anything in between, our ultra-pure isolates are flavorless and easy to incorporate.

  When you start with our re-crystallized, ultra-pure TRi-Brand Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids®, making your own products will not only save you money, but you'll never have to worry about safety or potency again.



  Products containing CBN, even our ultra-pure CBN isolate are known to cause false positives in some immunoassay drug-screening tests (rapid tests used for screening for marijuana and THC) which rely on antibodies to give results. 

  Testing positive with an antibody-based screening test will almost always be followed by a more sophisticated test to confirm the result, and these tests can and will distinguish between CBN and THC. 

  We suggest avoiding the use of products containing CBN if you are concerned about possible THC/marijuana testing, or inform your employer of your intent to use CBN-containing products before using them in order to avoid possible negative consequences, including termination and possible legal action.