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Frequently Asked Questions


TRi-Brand HDC®

Why start another CBD brand, when there are so many already?

  Simple. We wanted something for our families that was better than the extremely over-priced "placebo-range" products every other company was selling.

  We told you why we started TRi-Brand HDC® on the ABOUT page.  What we didn't tell you was that we honestly expected that in no more than a year or two's time, most companies would update their low-dose product offerings and we could close up shop at TRi-Brand HDC® and move on.

  With the massive wholesale price drop between 2018-2019, and the huge increase and widespread availability of these raw materials, we thought most brands would have CBD at higher levels (300mg+ per serving) by now, with retail prices reflecting the new lower cost of production. 

  Boy, were we wrong!

  Sadly, in the years since TRi-Brand HDC® was created, the situation hasn't changed as much as we'd hoped.

  Most hemp/CBD companies are still providing products formulated with CBD at 5mg-30mg per serving, and at ridiculous price markups.

I use a premium brand's very popular product, surely it's fine, right?

  Considering the inexpensive cost of relatively pure CBD and even CBG, and in light of the fact that the majority of the world's mounting research seems to suggest that at least for most people, 300mg/day is a more effective dose in nearly every application for which CBD has been investigated††, most brands products provide a ridiculous amount of CBD for their asking price.

  To be clear, we find nearly all brand's expensive "placebo-range" CBD products not only a waste of money, but in poor taste generally and slightly insulting to the consumer. 

So what makes TRi-Brand HDC® different from these other CBD brands then?

   Some brand's use inconsistent often foul-tasting crude extracts in their formulas while using intentionally confusing terms like "full" or "broad spectrum"  Others say they use a special "nano" CBD, or make claims that their hemp products somehow contain sativa or indica properties (huh?)  They would like us to believe that these things somehow make their products better and therefore justify their ridiculously high prices.

  We wish we could understand what these brands think they are saying, but in the end we simply disagree that any of that matters or justifies their extremely high prices.

  In our experience full-dose 300mg/day (1:1) CBD:CBG products made using only ultra-pure cannabinoid isolates create the highest quality and most consistent product currently achievable.  With other notable traits that include; a taste thats naturally pleasant without the need for flavor-masking compounds, and no season-to-season changes to the active ingredients. This was a no-brainer for us. 

  TRi-Brand HDC® provides a trusted way for everyone to incorporate non-inebriating cannabinoids into their daily routine and can be safely shared with family, friends, and even pets.*

  Keeping our profit margins low is part of our three part commitment to make sure everyone has access to the potential benefits of this amazing plant,†† and because we only use ultra-pure cannabinoid isolates, you can always be confident that all our products contain 0% THC or THC isomers.†

What's the big deal with your re-crystallized cannabinoids?

  Check out our Scientific Director's Blog post entitled: Re-crystallization Matters!

Surely there must be a good reason these companies are all using 5mg-30mg of CBD in their products. They can't all be bad, right?

  More than a few of the owners of these brands are fully aware that they're selling you over-priced and useless low-dose CBD products.  However, we believe the majority of CBD brands are likely owned by good intentioned folks (we've met quite a few, actually) who honestly believe in what they're doing.

Honest brands fail to understand or don't care to understand anything about what they're selling to you, while other less honorable brands are hoping to keep you in the dark (or even mislead you) so that they can stay in business.

  The effort required for consumers to find a decent CBD product, has only increased in difficulty over the last few years, despite the average consumer continuing to educate themself.  Most recently, it's become difficult for most folks and even non-consumers of hemp products not to have noticed the sudden appearance and seemingly endless variety of CBD-containing products everywhere.
  All with the same low-dose, lame-duck formulas.  All screaming for your attention and your money. Yet, there's not a single one that any honest person could recommend to family or friends.
  Regardless of the reasons other CBD brands might have for making such similar low-dose products, the result in the end is the same .
  Don't waste your hard-earned money on extremely over-priced, low-dose CBD products from brands run by folks that either don't know, or don't care to know and are only focused profits.

What if I'm not happy with my purchase?

  At TRi-Brand HDC® our mission is to provide users with the highest quality hemp/CBD products possible. Using serving sizes that reflect the current research findings (~300mg/day, or roughly 5mg/Kg body weight)††, and priced at less than a cup of coffee per day, we aim to make these amazing products available to absolutely everyone.

  If you are not satisfied with your HDC® purchase for any reason, simply send us an email using the "contact us" page and we will happily send you a replacement or refund the purchase amount.

Why haven't I heard of CBG until recently?

  Just a few short years ago CBG was impossible to extract in large amounts from any known variety of cannabis/hemp plant and was found only in these plants during the earlier stages of flowering. CBG is the first cannabinoid biosynthesized by the plant and via various synthases is usually converted into CBD or THC (and CBC) by the time the flowers ripen.
    Mentioned perhaps only during botany or chemistry lectures concerning the biosynthetic production of cannabinoids, rarely encountered by users outside of a handful of university laboratories, and with little to no trace of this cannabinoid remaining by the time of harvest, CBG remained a rare and high value compound.
  Today, type IV hemp varieties are available. Bred to produce high levels of CBG with only trace amounts of CBD (and/or THC), these plants have made this amazing compound available to the world for the first time.  Most users of CBD are still unfamiliar with this amazing compound and are just beginning to realize what all the excitement is about††.
  Click HERE and see for yourself! 

Wait you mentioned THC, can your products cause me to fail a drug-test?

Unlike many other brands all TRi-Brand HDC® products are always made using ultra-pure isolates.  Legal in all 50 US States, that also means our products always contain 0% THC & THC isomers, so you never have to worry about testing positive for marijuana/THC by using any of our of our products (see warning below).


All Products containing CBN, even the ultra-pure CBN isolate used in the TRi-Brand HDC® Products listed above are known to cause false positives in some immunoassay drug-screening tests (rapid tests used for screening for marijuana and THC) which rely on antibodies to give results. 

  Testing positive with an antibody-based screening test will almost always be followed by a more sophisticated test to confirm the result, and these tests can and will distinguish between CBN and THC. 

We suggest avoiding the use of products containing CBN if you are concerned about possible THC/marijuana testing, or inform your employer of your intent to use CBN-containing products before using them in order to avoid possible negative consequences, including termination and possible legal action.

Are your products safe for my dog and cat?

  Absolutely, all TRi-Brand HDC® Products are always 0% THC or THC isomers.

  In fact, TRi-Brand HDC® owner's, Dan and Mark have both used the tinctures and salves with their dogs (and quite a few of our friend's dogs and dog friends have as well).  Our Scientific Director, Mark liked using both the tincture and salve on a "good boy" named Captain Jack(R.I.P.), who you may have seen in some of our instagram posts.  While, "officially" not his dog, Jack and Mark were best friends and spent a lot of time together. Jackson had problems with hotspot rashes in the summers, and often experienced fairly intense (but adorable) separation anxiety. We miss you Jackson, you were the best boy!     

  No need to buy a product labeled specifically for pets, TRi-Brand HDC®Tinctures and salves are safe for all pets.  Keep in mind that dogs are thought to have roughly 4x the number of cannabinoid receptors as humans, so we recommend you start with half of the recommended amount the first few times (just in case your pet is sensitive to cannabinoids or MCT oil). 

Be extra cautious when using CBN-containing products with pets. 

  For daily use with your pet start with the lower amount (mentioned above) for the first days up to a week and then you can slowly increase the amount given per day every few days over the coarse of a few weeks.   Cats and other mammals should be treated with at least the same caution as dogs. 

How should I store my TRi-Brand HDC® Products?

  As with all cannabinoid products, Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light.


I'm thinking of trying a TRi-Brand HDC® Product.

  What are you waiting for?  Click HEREand see all the amazing full-dose 300mg/day (1:1) CBD:CBG products available from TRi-Brand Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids® The Original High-dose, Low-cost Brand.™


*Dogs are thought to have roughly 4x the number of cannabinoid receptors as humans, so start with 1/4 of the recommended dose and slowly increase the dose over a few weeks time. (Cats and other mammals should be treated with at least the same caution as dogs). 

††These ingredients have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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