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​Re-crystallization Matters!

​Re-crystallization Matters!

Posted by ~M. Martini , Scientific Director & co-owner on Sep 4th 2021

TRi-Brand HDC®'s Scientific Director talks about re-crystallization and why it matters.

  So what exactly is re-crystallization and why does it matter when choosing a hemp or CBD product? Let's dive into this often undiscussed subject.

  The re-crystallization procedure which produces the ultra-pure CBD and CBG used in TRi-Brand HDC® products, comes only after a long, multi-step separation & purification process. 

  Lets quickly review the steps it takes to produce the CBD isolate most people are familiar with and that most companies use in their CBD/hemp products. Hopefully it will be clear why this "initial isolate" doesn't meet our standards, and why TRi-Brand HDC® continues with the time-consuming re-crystallization process before we use it in any of our products.

  The first step when attempting to isolate pure CBD (or CBG) is fairly simple and involves producing an initial, or crude extract from the hemp biomass.  This separates the majority of the desirable compounds from the dried plant material.  In the US, most processors will use either ethanol or CO2 as extraction solvents to achieve this goal.

  Now that we have our crude extract, we need to further purify it in order for our CBD to be easily separated and produce what's commonly called CBD isolate. The two most common techniques CBD producers use to achieve this goal being Short-Path Distillation (SPD) and Molecular Wiped-Film Distillation (MWFD or WFD).  These two techniques utilize equipment which appear different, but are both equally capable of producing the viscous, golden resin you are probably familiar with, called "distillate".  At this point, our semi-refined "distillate" contains concentrated levels of our target compound CBD, usually at somewhere around 80%-90% of the total.

  We are now ready for our isolation procedure, where finally the CBD is separated from the distillate matrix, leaving us with the pure isolated CBD.  Now we have a pure compound we can use in our products.

  Wait, if we have pure CBD, then why continue? 

  Well because no matter how white the isolate is, and no matter how pure the analytical lab report says it is, without processing the initial isolate through a thorough re-crystallization procedure those cannabinoids just aren't as pure as they could be.  

  The fact is, a majority of labs producing today's CBD and CBG isolates, believe that CBD from the initial isolation is pure enough and don't bother to re-crystallize.  These labs considered it a waste of time that only increases their cost-of-production. 

  Lets take an illustrated look at a standard re-crystallization process and why TRi-Brand HDC® uses only re-crystallized, ultra-pure cannabinoid isolates in all our products.

  In the series of photos below we discover just how much color and contamination is still present in that pure white isolate that other brands use in their products.

  Here in photo #1 we see the dried, finished CBD after the initial isolation and washing. This CBD isolate seems of high quality, with bright white color, no smell, and with a passing analytical report.

  Below, in photo #2 through photo #4 we see this same apparently pure, white CBD isolate going through a series of re-crystallizations.  


  Notice how much color and contamination is still present?  Thats whats left in other brands CBD when they chose not to re-crystallized. 




  Each time the isolate goes through re-crystallization, the crystallizing CBD grows back with ever increasing purity.



  Finally after drying and reducing to a powder, we're left with a CBD isolate that looks almost exactly like what we started with, ...but... 


  ...we can now be confident that through our re-crystallization process we have in fact removed those impurities still remaining in the initial isolate.

  At TRi-Brand Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids®, our products use only re-crystallized, ultra-pure cannabinoid isolates with a minimum purity of 99%.

  Plain and simple, verify that your current brand of CBD/hemp products use re-crystallized CBD isolate or contact us.

  TRi-Brand HDC® has a simple mission.  We aim to bring High-dose, Low-cost™, Hemp-derived Cannabinoids to the masses, which means keeping profit margins low so that everyone can access the potential benefits of this amazing plant.

  So stop wasting your money on expensive, low-dose (5mg-30mg) products of questionable quality and see just what an incredible difference a full 300mg (1:1) CBD:CBG per day product from TRi-Brand HDC® can make††.

  Try our "D1:G1" tinctures for easy, balanced (1:1) CBD:CBG dosing, or use our re-crystallized, ultra-pure CBD or CBG isolates to perfect your own ratio.

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††These ingredients have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.