Formulated with

TRi-Brand HDC® "D1:G1" 

A balanced mix of (1:1) CBD:CBG

  TRi-Brand HDC®"D1:G1" tinctures were developed around our belief that a balanced (1:1) ratio of CBD:CBG in the 300mg/day range, provides an improved experience and greater effectiveness when compared to most brands "placebo-range" CBD-only products, those containing lower amounts of CBG, or a lesser ratio of CBG to CBD.††.

  TRi-Brand HDC®"D1:G1" tinctures contain just three simple ingredients: MCT oil from coconut and re-crystallized, ultra-pure CBD & CBG. 

  TRi-Brand HDC®"D1:G1" tinctures are priced to allow everyone to experience the improved benefits of High-dose, Low-Cost™ (1:1) CBD:CBG products at 300mg/day†† for less than your daily cup of coffee.

 Introducing our newest tincture with CBN.

  Our TRi-Brand HDC®"D1:G1+Plus" NIGHT-TIME Formula was developed around our "D1:G1" (1:1) CBD:CBG cannabinoid mixture, PLUS the addition of ultra-pure CBN to help with sleep and relaxation.††


  TRi-Brand HDC® Tinctures are always formulated using our ultra-pure cannabinoid isolates, which guarantees that the formula never fluctuates, is naturally pleasant tasting without the need for flavoring compounds, and always contains 0% THC & THC isomers.  Making it safe and legal for everyone to enjoy.

  Don't foul your tastebuds with other companies over-priced and ineffective low dose tinctures.  Legal in all 50 US States, Child and Pet Friendly*


  All Products containing CBN, even the ultra-pure CBN isolate used in the TRi-Brand HDC® Products listed above are known to cause false positives in some immunoassay drug-screening tests (rapid tests used for screening for marijuana and THC) which rely on antibodies to give results

   Testing positive with an antibody-based screening test will almost always be followed by a more sophisticated test to confirm the result, and these tests can and will distinguish between CBN and THC. 

   We suggest avoiding the use of products containing CBN if you are concerned about possible THC/marijuana testing, or inform your employer of your intent to use CBN-containing products before using them in order to avoid possible negative consequences, including termination and possible legal action.


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*Dogs are thought to have roughly 4x the number of cannabinoid receptors as humans, so start with 1/4 of the recommended dose and slowly increase the dose over a few weeks time. (Cats and other mammals should be treated with at least the same caution as dogs). 

††These ingredients have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.