"D1:G1" 2000mg, 2oz. Extra Strength Salve

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TRi-Brand HDC®"D1:G1" 

Extra Strength Salve


  Our Extra Strength Salve is an updated and improved version of our Original CBG Topical Salve and just so happens to be one of our customers favorite items.

  A full 2000mg of our TRi-Brand HDC®"D1:G1" (1:1) CBD:CBG cannabinoid mixture infused into our same soothing, homemade matrix of organic coconut oil, organic shea nut butter, organic beeswax, and hint of menthol that made our Original CBG Topical Salve so popular.

  TRi-Brand HDC®"D1:G1" Topicals are formulated around our belief that the effects of products with higher amounts (300mg+/day) of (1:1) CBD:CBD provide an improved experience and greater effectiveness when compared to CBD-only products, those with lower amounts of CBG, or with a lesser ratio of CBG to CBD.††

  Just like our Original CBG Topical Salve, this 2oz. topical feels great on hands, shoulders, and feet. TRi-Brand HDC®"D1:G1" Extra Strength Salve is sure to replace that salve or balm sitting in your medicine cabinet and quickly become the whole family's favorite topical.

  Fitting comfortably into bedtime routines or as an amazing massage aide, this soothing, non-greasy, almost odorless salve sets the standard for simple and effective hemp topicals.††


Recommended Use:

Apply externally as needed. Keep out of eyes and mouth.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic shea nut butter, organic beeswax, a hint of menthol, pure CBD (cannabidiol)††, & pure CBG (cannabigerol)†† 


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light.

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*Dogs are thought to have roughly 4x the number of cannabinoid receptors as humans, so start with 1/4 of the recommended dose and slowly increase the dose over a few weeks time. (Cats and other mammals should be treated with at least the same caution as dogs).

††These ingredients have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease.